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The Ultimate Accountability & Fast Track To Increased Revenue With Niche Sites


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    What Is Affiliate School Unfiltered?

    The plan is to get a group of 50 like minded niche site owners and take either brand new or existing projects from no/low earning to £1000+ per month by the end of the 12 month project.

    Here’s how it will work:

    • Month 1 – Weekly group checkins by video – a chance to see what I’ve been doing on my project all week, and to ask questions about your own
    • Month 2-12 – Monthly group check-ins by video – a chance to see what I’ve been doing on my project all month, and to ask questions about your own
    • A Private Facebook Group that all members get access to and can support each other, ask questions, share successes etc.
    • Complete access to my project. Nothing left out. Sharing monetisation, traffic, how much it’s making etc. Even sharing link building – the whole thing
    • Aim is to make the site profitable within 12 months if starting from fresh, 3 months if an aged domain
    • Recorded sessions for people who can’t join live
    • Video Tutorials – course style videos with new content throughout the year

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    Why Should You Join?

    If you’re serious about taking a niche site project to the next level here’s why I think you should join:

    • You will fast track your learning with someone who has a track record of success – both with own sites and as a mentor
    • You will have the ultimate accountability – with your peers
    • You will have access to other niche site owners – all of whom will be sharing everything
    • You will have access to every aspect of how I build my sites – from monetisation strategies, research, content creation, link building – everything.
    • Live group calls to ask all your burning questions
    • Access to recordings when you can’t make it live
    • A turbulent time is coming, our community will give you a supportive sounding board

    Currently Closed To New Applications

    Follow My Proven Blueprint…

    I’ve been working in the realm of SEO for over 10 years and in affiliate marketing for over 5. It took me a good couple of years to get any kind of success with affiliate – after all, where the big money is, is where the cool kids hang out.

    The top SEOs are in affiliate as you can make serious money there.

    My system has worked repeatedly for me – and for those who I have mentored.

    Now you get the chance to come in to the inner sanctum.

    Come behind the scenes of the Affiliate School and find out every detail about how I build sites – as I start a completely fresh project from and show you every step of the way.

    We will start with weekly live group calls where I show you what I’ve done, work on stuff live and answer your questions.

    We’ll have sessions dedicated to:

    • Niche and topic selection
    • Site structure and setup
    • Content creation (including the use of AI)
    • Goal setting and accountability embedded throughout
    • Link building
    • Leveraging parasite opportunities
    • Multiple traffic source opportunities
    • Complete EEAT
    • How to have a winning mindset
    • Your burning questions answered in detail

    Low Traffic Can Equal Big Money…

    Unlike display ads, affiliate sites can make big money on low traffic. This image shows a 96% increase in revenue from one day to the next with one affiliate program I operate in.

    We will explore these types of opportunities and attack the site build out strategically, focusing on high paying affiliate programs, low competition keywords that can make money quickly and work on conversion rate optimisation to make the most out of every visitor.

    Big Links, Big Prizes

    We will leave no stone unturned and I’ll share every single one of my processes including paid and organic link building (as pictured here) that really move the needle.

    We will look at ways in which you can leverage digital PR to bring added brand exposure to your sites, high DR links and increased traffic.

    Who Is Affiliate Unfiltered For?

    I want people involved who are serious about making a success of their niche site. No one is excluded but I can tell you now that you will get out what you put in.

    You need to be prepared to share what you are working on, be honest with the community and be honest with yourself. We all have shortcomings, and we can support one another to overcome them.

    I want people who will share their successes and share their failures. That is how you, we and I will learn from this process.

    I would suggest you are able to dedicate at least 4 hours per week to your site. Preferably 8 to 10 hours per week.

    Ideally you will have at least some funds to cover costs. There is no set amount here and if you have no funds, that can be overcome with putting in more effort.

    If you have less time but more funds, that will also work.

    More than anything though, I want people who have the drive to make this work. If that’s you – then sign up below…

    Join Now & Claim £300 Worth Of Added Bonuses

    Join before November 1st and enjoy these extra bonuses:

    Bonus 1: Parasite SEO Tutorial (Make Money Now) (£150 value)

    Access to a bonus parasite SEO lesson where I show you how you can leverage sites like Reddit and LinkedIn to make affiliate sales right now (value £150)

    Bonus 2: 1 Month Facebook Group Access (£50 value)

    Get access to the slack channel for the month of December and get a head start with support from Jason and the community (Value £50)

    Bonus 3: Early Bird Discount (£100 value)

    The discounted price is only available until 31st December – the price will not be lower than this again


    You wouldn’t buy a house without doing a survey. The same applies to buying aged domains. Jason has a wealth of knowledge that he kindly shares for free on YouTube. But if you want the cherry on top of the whole sundae, then book a consultation to streamline the fastest path to profitability.

    I can’t recommend this service enough!

    – Mathew F

    I just watched my audit video again and I wanted to tell you if you ever need a testimonial, I’d be glad to give you one. I did implement most of the changes you suggested and I’m already seeing a positive change in ranking. I’m also slowly going through the posts and adding more affiliate links and I am seeing more sales every day.

    I can’t think of anything you need to add to these audits. They are very comprehensive and useful.

    – Cathy Bendzunas

    Affiliate School Unfiltered FAQs

    Can I use an existing site I’m working on for this project?

    Yes of course. I will be using a brand new project so I can show everything – and a lot of what I show will be able to applied retrospectively if you feel you need to. However, you are also welcome to start a brand new project if you feel it will be worthwhile.

    Can I use multiple sites?

    No, we won’t have time to work on multiple sites per person in our live sessions, so it is best to stick to one site for sharing and focusing on with this project. Obviously, anything you learn from the project can be applied to as many sites as you like.

    What if I can’t access the live sessions due to timezones?

    I am planning on running the live sessions at around 1pm GMT which would hopefully make it easier for most time zones. It may be that we do these on weekends to enable as many people to attend as possible (but this is still TBD)

    My site is in a different language – how can I share that with English speaking group members?

    I think there will be a lot of value to provide here – both giving and receiving. The main drawback is that it might be hard to assess your content quality and user intent – but everything else should still be accessible and you will learn from what you see others doing.

    Why the incremental increase in price?

    I wanted to make it accessible for those who want it the most. But not close it off to others who find out later. I also don’t really want 100 people as I will end up needing to split it in to 2 or 3 groups. Ideally, we will have around 25 members and the price increases will likely prevent numbers from going too high. Also – I love a bit of scarcity marketing 😃

    What if I don’t want to share my site?

    You don’t have to share your site but you will be hampering your chances for constructive feedback if you don’t. We often become emotionally attached to our sites and to share it in a closed group is the perfect opportunity to get that feedback without exposing your site to everyone.

    Do I have to speak on video?

    No, not if you don’t want to. But again, you will get more from this process the more you are able to contribute and share.