Linkifi Review – The Best DFY HARO Service?

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Written By: Jason Mills

Drawing on my experience with link-building for SEO, a diverse link portfolio is critical. Over the last 12 months I’ve been supplementing my strategy beyond guest posts and link insertions with high-authority brand-mentioned links.

There are two main methods we can attract these links: proactive PR campaigns, and reactive digital PR campaigns. My recent focus has been on reactive campaigns, leveraging HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to heighten the credibility and reach of my sites.

In my pursuit of a diverse link portfolio, supplementing guest posts and link insertions with high-authority brand mentions has proved vital. However, it can be very time-consuming.

I collaborated with Linkifi on three new campaigns of mine, just over six months ago. Despite being seemingly more expensive than some other agencies I’d researched, I recognised that Linkifi’s system, Headed by Christopher Panteli, appeared impressively efficient.

It’s also endorsed by respected SEO professionals including Charles Float and John Dykstra, further reaffirming Linkifi’s efficacy and reliability.

With outgoing costs a critical factor for any business, it’s noticeable that Linkifi is not the cheapest link-building agency out there. But is it valuable? Let me assure you, it certainly was for me.

Across my three campaigns over six months, I’ve evaluated their service based on the variety and authority of the links provided, the cost of them, and the impact they had, to see if it’s truly worth joining forces with Linkifi.

So – let’s dive into my full Linkifi review…

Quick Verdict: Linkifi

Linkifi is now my go-to HARO agency and offers me a complete DFY service.

Across the three campaigns (Finance, Mental Health and Fitness) I tested them on, they achieved some incredible results. With an average DR of 84, 84 and 79.7 per link across these campaigns, the results were impressive.

Although they can at first glance appear expensive, one of our campaigns worked out at $327 per link with non-billable links they won for us.

Linkifi Review On YouTube

Watch my full Linkifi review on YouTube below:

Proactive vs Reactive Digital PR Campaigns

To successfully enhance my SEO efforts and diversify my link portfolio, I explored the avenues of proactive and reactive digital PR campaigns. The strategic choice between proactive and reactive digital PR approaches depends on your campaign goals, resources, and the desired level of control over brand messaging.

Proactive digital PR campaigns require a strategic outreach, where I engage with high-authority publications to secure brand mentions. This often entails creating compelling content that publishers are eager to feature, capitalising on my initiative to shape the narrative and presence of my brand within influential media outlets.

Conversely, reactive digital PR campaigns, such as utilising HARO services, involve responding to media requests for expert opinions or insights. These campaigns are less predictable, as they rely on opportunities presented by journalists. They are also highly time-intensive, as they demand constant vigilance to respond swiftly to relevant queries that could lead to high-quality mentions in esteemed publications.

And this is why I decided to collaborate with Linkifi. Not only do they manage my campaigns more efficiently for me, but they also ensure my sites meet the requisite trust signals and author profiles, which is crucial for a reactive campaign approach like HARO.

My experience with Linkifi illustrates the value of a blended strategy, bolstered by expert agency support, which can deliver both the quantity and quality of links needed for a robust SEO profile.

Linkifi Service Overview

Introduction To Chris Panteli

Chris Panteli is the Co-Founder of Linkifi, and his knowledge and dedication is what powers this established and well-oiled operational system. It reliably and effectively delivers an expertise based service, underpinned by Chris and his team who share likewise fundamentals – a passion for what they do, and the results they drive in.

Chris Panteli on The Online Performance Podcast
Chris joining me on The Online Performance Podcast in January 2024

Better still, Chris is genuinely invested in the success of customers’ campaigns. He provides a personal touch to the system, and Chris has given me direct valuable advice that is proving successful in my website optimisation.

Collaborating with Linkifi becomes almost like a partnership, with the experts in your corner. This certainly added value for me.

Services Offered By Linkifi

Linkifi provides a suite of link-building solutions designed to enhance your SEO strategy through a diverse link portfolio. For a more tailored service, Linkifi offers packages of 5, 10, or 20 links, which you can choose to suit your site.

I chose different link packages tailored to each campaign’s needs: a 10-link package for two different websites, and a 5-link package plus an extra link for the third site.

Linkifi also provide their unique ‘Expertifi‘ add-on. This is a brilliant service that works for those niche sites – such as health, legal, or finance – that require a higher standard of author credibility.

Types Of Links Provided

Ok, so they aren’t the cheapest link agency available. But I’ve discovered – and what I’ll explain in this review – is that not only were Linkifi’s services highly effective and systematic thanks to their meticulous internal processes, but the cost per link actually proved much more cost-effective than originally perceived.

The cost per link becomes increasingly valuable when you see where your links are placing, and this value becomes even more attractive when you consider the syndicated links and the links that are not billed.

The links delivered by Linkifi range from high DR publications to syndicated links, with the understanding that not all links billed would be dofollow. However, to build a healthy link portfolio it really is key to have a healthy combination of nofollow as well as dofollow links.

Though nofollows are often branded as less valuable, they carry significant weight in signalling brand mentions to search engines, and are still recognised by Google as branded mentions. So having some of both is best.

Syndicated links, which are republished across multiple platforms, will broaden your reach even further. You’re only charged for these if they are dofollow and meet the minimum billable DR of 50, which is relatively modest compared to competitors.

And then there’s the added bonus of unlinked mentions. You’re right, these do not directly influence domain authority; but they do play an important role in establishing entity recognition and enhancing that all-important EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

These non-billable extras contributed towards bolstering digital recognition and the overall success of my campaigns with HARO.

Operational Systems And Endorsements

Linkifi has implemented an effective system that can cater to the bespoke needs of different niches and trust requirements for websites.

The pricing structure, albeit not the lowest, justifies itself with the delivery of quality links, averaging a domain rating of over 79 from prestigious publications. The value I see in Linkifi is echoed by other well respected SEO professionals, including Charles Float and John Dykstra, who fully endorse the efficacy of Linkifi’s system.

Assessing Linkifi’s Effectiveness

Link Packages And Costs

Linkifi offers tailored plans including link packages of 5, 10, and 20 links (and I believe they now also offer a whopping 50 link package).

These packages are seemingly priced at $650 per link. However, when you assess the authority of the linking sites, you begin to see a truer value. For me, the return on investment, gauged by the domain rating (DR) and quality of publications, was significant.

Examining my campaigns, the actual cost per link often fell below the listed price, as I received more links than what was originally accounted for in each campaign’s Linkifi package.

Pricing tables for Linkifi

My experience with these packages demonstrated a cost-effectiveness that exceeded my expectations, costing around $500 per link for one campaign. In return, the average DR of the links received was over 79, delivering placement in esteemed publications such as The Express, The Sun, HuffPost, and even Forbes.

Better still, the value delivered was not solely quantitative; the calibre of publications endorsed the credibility and reach of my brand. Additionally, the minimum billable DR was 50 – that’s fairly competitive and aligning with the average DR of received links, thereby justifying the investment.

Delivery Timeframe

There is a notable delivery time span for Linkifi’s service which you will need to bear in mind. The timeframe can vary depending on the niche and the readiness of your website’s credibility signals, with Linkifi estimating around 3 to 7 months. Given the high-calibre publications involved, it’s logical to account for this.

My personal experience saw a slight delay on the tenth link for two campaigns, while another campaign was completed more swiftly. It’s a rough guide that works with variables, but gives you a good idea on the commitment required.

Payment Plans And Website Setup Advice

To sweeten the slightly expensive (albeit valuable) costs involved here, Linkifi’s payment plans allow for financial flexibility, so you’re not under pressure to find the entire fee upfront. This is a great option for many.

Onboarding And Client Dashboard

The onboarding process is straightforward, with the option to add an extra link for better value –something I chose to do for one of my campaigns.

Linkifi work systematically, reliably and transparently, and this is clear even from the campaign dashboard.

Upon selecting a package and completing the onboarding form, I gained access to this dashboard and though intricate, it provides a crystal-clear overview of my campaigns, where I can see each campaign’s cost, progress and performance.

ProjectAverage Cost Per LinkAverage DRTotal Links Delivered
The assessment of the deliverables revealed a mix of dofollow and nofollow links, as well as some syndicated content – all components of a diverse link portfolio.

Cost per link can be a dealbreaker when choosing a link building agency, and on the face of it, Linkifi can look on the premium end. But here’s the thing: my average cost per link substantially decreased to an average cost of $411 per link, thanks to the link count surpassing the initial package inclusions I’d signed up for.

Linkifi’s refined process not only yielded a high-value link portfolio, but also exemplified their efficiency in link acquisition. All told, the success of my campaigns with Linkifi highlights the importance and impact of meticulously curated link portfolios on SEO and overall digital authority.

Detailed Campaign Analysis

Campaign One: Results

In evaluating the first campaign, nine links were charged, though 12 were delivered for my project – one of which had a DR of 58, while the majority boasted DRs above 85.

The multifaceted nature of the publications included Yahoo, MSN, The Sun, Go Banking Rates and Tom’s Guide – all of which created high DR and high traffic.

With one more link yet to be delivered, the average cost per link totalled approximately $500, with an average DR of 84.08.

Campaign results for linkifi
Some of the results for Campaign One

Campaign Two: Results

The second campaign shows I received more links here too: I’d expected six from the plan but got 13. The cost of each link was therefore effectively reduced to $327, which is incredible.

The DR here also maintained a commendable standard, averaging at 84.6. Predominant themes in link sources mirrored the project’s focus, illustrating how effective Linkifi has been in this campaign.

Campaign Three: Results

The final campaign also gloriously exceeded expectations, so far delivering 15 links with one more to achieve. At 16 links in total, this campaign surpassed expectations in both quantity and quality, with DRs averaging at a slightly lower but very respectable 79.73.

With the increased number links taken into consideration, the cost per link was very nicely reduced to $406. Placements in illustrious publications such as MoneyMarketing, NASDAQ and Finance Yahoo underscored the campaign’s success.

Linkifi impact
Organic Growth For Project Three

Average Campaign Costs

  • Campaign 1: with an expected 10 links but receiving 12, the average price per link was approximately $500.
  • Campaign 2: with six anticipated links resulting in 13, brought down the price to $327 per link.
  • Campaign 3: 15 links, with one more anticipated, reduced the cost to just $406 per link.

The average DR for these campaigns ranged notably, with the highest being 84.6.

In retrospect, my average expenditure per link turned out to be around $411, with an average DR in the region of 82. These costs are indicative of the high-calibre links achieved, and particularly suited for the niches targeted by my websites.

The unexpected bonus came in the form of unlinked mentions – those little gems that bolster your site’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT) at no additional cost.

Conclusion On Linkifi’s Services

Having spent six months running three campaigns with Linkifi, I’ve obtained a substantial understanding of the service’s efficiency and effectiveness. My assessment focuses on the types of links provided, their associated costs, and the tangible impact on my projects.

The dedication to creating a seamless process is evident – the system runs like clockwork, ensuring a structured approach to acquiring those valuable high-authority brand mentioned links.

And it’s important we confront this whole issue that Linkifi is not the cheapest – the service’s value is counteracted with increased links, syndicated links, unbilled links, unlinked mentions and nofollows, as well as that critical, exposure and EAT.

With an average DR of around 82, this further showcases Linkifi’s favourable cost-benefit ratio for high-quality, authoritative link acquisition.

Overall, I have been hugely appreciative of Linkifi’s contributions to my success with HARO for three campaigns. They delivered what they set out to achieve, and the increased links brought down those costs for me to justify a valuable collaboration with Linkifi on future campaigns.

Jason Mills in the office

Written by Jason Mills

Jason is the founder of The Affiliate School and also maintains his own multi-site portfolio. He focuses on an affiliate revenue model across all of his sites and enjoys sharing his knowledge to help others achieve financial freedom by creating online assets.

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