How I Reached My First $50K Month

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Written By: Jason Mills

If you caught the final installment of my aged domain case study you will have seen it went pretty well – and is continuing to bring in good revenue each month.

What you may not know is that across my entire portfolio I made just over $50k in commissions.

In this email, I’m going to break down the exact earnings, how much my costs were and what I think has made the biggest difference over the last 12 months – which has seen my earnings more than triple.

Let’s start with the earnings:

I have 9 sites in my portfolio right now. I’ll break down the earnings for each site:

Site 1: My original site built from scratch (started 2019)

Earnings total – $18260

Site 2: Similar to site 1 but much smaller and quite neglected, built from scratch (started 2020)

Earnings total – $2,286

Site 3: Aged domain case study site

Earnings total – $22,774

Site 4: Aged domain site (new)

Earnings total – $121

Site 5: Aged domain site (9 months in)

Earnings total – $717

Site 6: Small UK niche site (18 months old – neglected)

Earnings total – $77

Site 7: Small UK niche site (24 months old – not neglected)

Earnings total – $412

Site 8: Travel niche site (3 months old)

Earnings total – 0

Site 9: Small US niche site (24 months old – neglected)

Earnings total – $62

Parasite: 7 articles on high DA sites

Earnings total – $5010

Extra: $750 (this was actually a referral commission for recommending an affiliate platform to a company I promote – probably won’t happen again but this is another reason why it pays to develop those affiliate manager relationships)

Total Income: $50,469


Here’s a breakdown of my costs across the whole portfolio for April:

Writers: $3753

Link Building: $879

Other: $200

Total Costs = $4832

Total Profit = $45,637

Pretty crazy numbers considering that in September 2022 my earnings were at around the $18.5k per month level.

So what has led to the growth?

Two things really.

Focusing more on the sites that were performing well and also bringing parasite SEO in to play.

You can see that the Pareto Principle (80:20 rule) is in full play here – that I’m getting most of results from 20-30% of my portfolio.

I’ve also had a bit of a boost to my smaller sites – some of which had been neglected completely and others that I just do little bits for.

Either way – most of the results are coming from site 1 and 3 – with the aged domain site really taking off over the last 6 months.

I’ve also been working hard on the EEAT, branding and updating content for site 1 (which was my original baby) and this has bounced back strongly in the March core update.

The Parasite articles are all high commission and are now bringing in money (this may be short term) and although I’m not a fan of this approach, this month it added a cool $5k to my bottom line.

There are two other things that I think have made a huge difference for me though…

  1. Community and accountability
  2. Reflection

Community and Accountability

This has been a real help. Attending events, meeting with people who have an abundance mindset, Twitter, YouTube – all of this helps me to have the right attitude, and apply myself in a way that my actions have results.

In fact, Niche Site Lady has just announced a race to $100k challenge.

I’m all in on this as I love the challenge, the competition and the accountability aspect of it.

The reality is, it doesn’t matter whether I reach that goal – if I get to $80k per month I think that’s a damn good improvement on where I am now. I’ll still be a winner. It will help motivate me and will do the same for others.

If some of us document the process then it may even help inspire others.

The whole community wins!


Writing these emails and creating YouTube videos is a lot of work. But it forces me to reflect. Reflect on what’s working, what’s not, where I’m wasting time etc.

This is something I didn’t do a lot of before. I just kept ploughing away.

Sometimes you have to stop, take a breath and take stock of where you are at.

Reflecting helps with this and I truly believe it’s a massive reason as to why my portfolio is doing so well.

With Niche Site Lady’s leaderboard – it will keep me laser focused now. I expect my monthly revenue to drop in May – but who knows, it could continue to go up. Either way, I’ll be pushing harder than ever to take more of the 20% of actions that lead to 80% of the results.

Until next week


PS – If you missed the final aged domain update you can catch it here:

Jason Mills in the office

Written by Jason Mills

Jason is the founder of The Affiliate School and also maintains his own multi-site portfolio. He focuses on an affiliate revenue model across all of his sites and enjoys sharing his knowledge to help others achieve financial freedom by creating online assets.

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